Mixed Bag 1

DesignerCandies Mixed Bag 1

3D, abstract, Industrykidz and Free are four words I think go together well, don't you? In the DesignerCandies Mixed Bag 1 you get your hands on 18 totally free abstract 3D renders from the one and only INDUSTRYKIDZ:

You know when you were a kid and you'd save up your pennies, then at the end of the week or after school you'd take them to the candy shop? No matter how hard you'd try, choosing a single candy to spend your pennies on was impossible, so the logical choice was a pick-n-mix that included a little bit of everything.

Well, I introduce to you the graphic design version of a pick-n-mix: The Mixed Bag 1.

Whilst it doesn't literally include a bit of “everything” – and be warned you can't eat these candies – The Mixed Bag 1 does include a tasty selection of 18 unique and fun renders, sporting the signature style of their creator: INDUSTRYKIDZ.

See also: Free 3D Lettering Renders.

After being kind enough to offer the popular set of of 3D lettering, INDUSTRYKIDZ is back with more rockstar renders, casually laughing them off as “stuff I made when first starting out”.

Regardless – I think they're awesome and I hope you do too, maybe leave a comment with your opinion?

The bold colours, sharp edges and unique texturing help these renders explode off the page, a signature style of INDUSTRYKIDZ. You can easily change the colour using a hue/saturation mask and create extra realism by adding lighting flares as I have in the preview image. You can do this with a basic Photoshop round brush set to 0% hardness and the blend mode set to “overlay”. I used a mix of white and green colours for a better effect.

File details:
Included in the download are 18 unique mixed renders in transparent .PNG file format with varying sizes. Rendered in 72dpi, they're slightly small however still usable in small print files like business cards and album art.

As usual, these renders are Uncopyrighted and released into the public domain. Kudos to INDUSTRYKIDZ, give his name a Google for more goodness.

Download Mixed Bag Vol.1

File Preview:

Abstract 3D Render

Abstract 3D Render – Mixed Bag 1

Mixed 3D Renders

Mixed 3D Renders – Mixed Bag 1

Mixed 3D Renders

Mixed 3D Renders – Mixed Bag 1

Mixed Renders 3

Mixed 3D Renders – Mixed Bag 1

Mixed 3D Renders

Mixed 3D Renders – Mixed Bag 1


Download Mixed Bag Vol.1

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  1. Thank you guys for the file, can you guys do a tutorial or some sort of plugin that allows user to create 3d transparent glass type text effect like the image attached below. That would be cool, so far, i think you can do it on Adobe Aftereffects, but dont know how.

    Thanks once again 🙂

    • That looks awesome. I think a set of 3D text lettering like those will be in the works soon!

      As for tutorials, for the next few months we’re working on building our inventory of resources, but once we have the site up and running we may look into publishing tuts.

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