Simple 3D Cube Renders

Free Simple Cube Renders

They may be simple, but damn they're useful. An object as nondescript as the simple cube opens itself up to so many beautiful uses when put in the hands of a talented designer. Have fun folks.

These simple cube renders – which kinda look like the innards of a Rubik's Cube – are another great asset for quickly adding a 3D edge to your work.

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The high resolution render produces a realistic brushed-metal finish to the gold textured set of cubes, with the white matte version having a softer more “virtual” appearance. Mixing the two sets of cubes together in your work will produce brilliant results, especially as there are 3 angles for each colour set.

File details:
There are 6 renders included in this download, 3 gold finish and 3 matte finish. Each individual cube is around 1000px by 1000px at 300dpi. As usual, this free download is Uncopyrighted – use it as you wish for whatever you want wherever you want.

Download Free Simple Cube Renders

File Preview

Simple cube render

Simple 3D cube render in Gold

Simple 3D Cube Render

Simple 3D Cube Render comes in 3 angles

Simple Cube Render

Simple Cube Render comes in gold & white/plain


Download Free Simple Cube Renders

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    Very seldom in the net we can meet master who gives money and gold to people for free :-)))) Blessings to you! Great work!

  2. Very nice, and very generous to give them for free use. God bless. I can’t download the files as the download link is not working , but I have saved the 2 preview images. But still want to say thank you for giving them for free use

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