Stylish 3D Cube Renders Pack 2

Stylish Cube Renders Pack 2

More futuristic tech renders for you to feast upon. DesignerCandies present the Stylish Cube Renders Pack 2, gratis of course.

In this pack of stylish cube renders you can get your hands on 18 hi-res files to use in your design work. The pack includes 3 angles in 6 different colours.

Unlike our first set of Stylish cube renders (linked below) that have a soft curved design, these have a much sharper appearance, with clean cut lines and sharp edges.

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Whilst clearly based on the shape of a cube, the objects have twisted panel exterior which helps them break out of a standard cube shape into something much more interesting. Between the twisted parts of the object a glowing neon inner core is revealed leaking light – bursting with excitement.

Similar to our Simple Cube Renders, these also have a Rubik's Cube style quality about them.

File details:
Included in the download are 18 renders – 3 different angles in 6 colours each. Each cube is around 1000px by 1000px at 300dpi and are available to use in any project you wish thanks to our Uncopyright.

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File Preview:

Stylish Cubes Renders v2

Stylish Cubes Renders v2 – Angle 1

Stylish Cubes Renders v2

Stylish Cubes Renders v2 – Angle 2

Stylish Cubes Renders v2

Stylish Cubes Renders v2 – Angle 3

Stylish Cubes Renders v2

These Stylish 3D cubes come in 6 different colours and 3 different angles!


Download38870 downloads

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