Free Abstract Orbs Render Pack 2

The more design resources you have at your disposal, the easier your work becomes. Here's some more random orby-lookin objects for you to add to your inventory of graphic design tools.

Abstract renders by the bucket load – yes we have more. This set of orb renders look a little like American football helmets with a set of speakers thrown in to boot. Interesting, huh?

These renders would be a brilliant addition to a tech music poster, album artwork or maybe even a DJ business card – but I'll leave being creative up to you.

See also: Free Abstract Orb Renders V1.

Whilst this set of renders only come in one “angle”, there are 7 individual colour presets included in the pack. If the colours aren't to your style, simply pull out a Hue/Saturation adjustment mask and toggle your way to colourful-freedom. Mix them with our other free renders and you've got one exciting party on your hands!

File details:
Each of the included renders are around 1400px by 1000px and come in 300dpi – making them perfect for web and for print. They're also completely free from copyright – as per our Uncopyright policy, so go nuts with whatever you use them for. Have fun!

Download Free Abstract Orbs v2

File Preview:

Abstract 3D Orb Render

Abstract 3D Orb Render v2

Abstract 3D Orb Render 2

Abstract 3D Orb Render 2 – comes in 7 different colour variations


Download Free Abstract Orbs v2
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