Free 3D Patterns for Photoshop

For some years now flat design has been a dominant style amongst graphic designers. Now, it's not that I'm longing to rebirth the hideously over-designed styles of recent times, but I do think we need a touch of 3D to contrast the current minimalist trend.

Since releasing ONYX, our first set of premium 3D patterns, I have been smitten by the practical application of 3D patterns in everyday life. Mostly I find them used on the facades of luxury retail outlets as well on the retail displays used within their doors.

Just this last week I was window shopping at a local jeweller admiring the collection of high-end wristwatches. Inside I spotted a beautiful display cabinet showing off the latest watch from Swiss watch brand, Rolex. You can see this display below:

The Inspiration:


The bright green pattern in the background really caught my attention – more so than the watch (a designer thing, perhaps?).

It struck me how the rolling metallic pattern contrasted so well with the flat display box of the watch.

And so, I decided we needed a resource just like this right here on DesignerCandies.

Free 3D Patterns for Photoshop

Examples of Our 3D Patterns for Photoshop

These free 3D patterns for Photoshop come in 4 different colours; croc green, burgundy, black & yellow gold. Colours somewhat inspired by leather watch straps.

Also included in this set of free 3D patterns is a mesh / carbon fibre style pattern which comes in the same choice of 4 colours.

Free 3D Patterns for Photoshop

File Details

Inside this download, you'll find a Photoshop .pat file along with the 8 original pattern tiles in .jpg format. Each pattern tile has been rendered at 1024×1024 pixels at 72dpi.

There are two different pattern tiles in 4 different colours.

As with all our freebies, this item is Uncopyright and you can use it however you choose. Enjoy!


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