Free Retro Text Styles for Photoshop CC

These high-resolution retro text styles make perfect headlines for bar flyers, menus and posters. At 300dpi they've been created from the ground up with print in mind.

Whilst designing a beer menu this weekend, I thought I'd try my hand at some single-layer 3D retro text styles. Photoshop CC has added the ability to “stack” layer style fx, meaning you can add multiple drop shadows and other effects to a single layer.

I've not yet had chance to place with this feature, so I took the excuse to avoid work and playin Photoshop for a while. After all, the free 3D text PSD I made last year has proved to be one of our most popular downloads!

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Like a lot of designers out there I primarily design for print. As I was part way through designing a menu which needed the headline in a 3D retro text style, I created these styles at 300dpi.

Photoshop is a royal pain in the ass when it comes to scaling layer styles up and down. If you want to use these styles in a smaller image you can't simply drag and drop them.

One option is to resize the original image and ensure you've selected the “Scale Styles” option. This should shrink the layer styles down evenly but it can still create a mess. Alternatively (and my preferred option) it to convert the text layers into smart objects, then drag and drop them to your new image.

File details:

This download includes 3 retro layer styles for Photoshop CC. You will need Adobe Photoshop CC to fully utilise this freebie. As usual you can use this free file for whatever you want. You'll also need to download and install the below listed fonts if you want to edit the text.

Fonts required:


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Retro Text Styles for Photoshop CC Preview

Free Retro Text Styles forPhotoshop CC

These Free High-Resolution Retro Text Styles for Photoshop are perfect for flyers, posters, banners and other print media.


This resource is for email newsletter subscribers only. Please fill out the form below to download this content.


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