Mixed Bag 4 - Gold Edition

Mixed Bag 4 – Gold Edition

Birds, skulls, foliage, fish and audio tapes. Yup, it's another Mixed Bag.

INDUSTRYKIDZ is back with another Mixed Bag of stylised goodies, and this time they're all in gold.

These stylised glossy renderings are a signature of Industrykidz work, often used in his GraphicRiver chart topping items and unbeatable client work. Across the selection of Mixed Bag downloads offered on DesignerCandies, you can now get your hands on some of his most cherished elements (see the links below):

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Contained in this download are 6 unique elements created by INDUSTRYKIDZ, including a large gold skull, spray can, piranha, large bird, cassette tape and gold-leaf foliage. It's easy to understand why we call 'em Mixed Bags, right?

File Details

Each of the 6 assets is around 600px to 700px in height and width and rendered at 72dpi. Not as large as many of our other renders but still perfect for web items and small print projects. Of course, this download is Uncopyright.

Download Mixed Bag 4 - Gold Edition

Mixed Bag 4 – Gold Edition Preview:

Free Gold Skull Render

Free Stylised Gold Skull Render

Gold Piranha Render

Free Stylised Gold Piranha Render

Free Spray Can Render

Free Spray Can Render

Free Gold Leaf / Foliage Renders

Free Gold Leaf / Foliage Renders. Also check out our Free Foliage Renders Pack

Free Gold Bird Render

Free Stylised Gold Render

Free Cassette Tape Render

Free Gold Stylised Cassette Tape Render


Download Mixed Bag 4 - Gold Edition

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