Mixed Bag 2

DesignerCandies Mixed Bag 2

The DesignerCandies Mixed Bag 2 is definitely a mixed bag. With an antique gun, an atomic bomb, poker chips, boxing glove, gold bar and glass bottles – this pack looks like something out of the next Hangover movie.

Produced once again by INDUSTRYKIDZ and carrying his signature style whilst also being a little different from his previous submission, the Mixed Bag 1 – it's an exciting collection of resources.

The last pack featured more abstract and geometric shapes, whereas this pack is filled with renders of real-life objects along with some 3D arrows thrown in for good measure.

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Easily change colours with a hue/saturation mask or by adding colour overlays. The grey coloured bomb render can be easily coloured by adding a “colour overlay” and setting the blend mode to “overlay”.

File details:
There are 10 unique renders included in this download, ranging in size from around 300px to 1000px in width and height. This download is Uncopyrighted and released into the public domain – so go have fun!

But please use the bombs responsibly 😉

Download Mixed Bag Vol.2

File Preview:

Mixed 3D Renders

Mixed 3D Renders – Mixed Bag 2

Mixed 3D Renders

Mixed 3D Renders: Mixed Bag 2


Download Mixed Bag Vol.2

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