Mixed Monster Renders Pack

Ready to invade your designs with some seriously scary and downright monstrous design elements? Well this pack is for you:

Talk about jumping off the page, huh? This mixed pack of free monster renders are not just gunna jump; they're gunna run, jump, scream, fly and swim off the page – don't worry, all will be explained!

I've dubbed this a “mixed” pack as it is exactly that – mixed. The Mixed Monster Renders Pack doesn't just include monsters, it contains a whole bag of scary things I wouldn't want to get caught up with.

Inside the download are:

  • a set of dinosaurs
  • a shark
  • a Transformers style robot
  • a Chinese dragon
  • a pterodactyl
  • and a pair of super-freakin' scary alien monster type things

All in all, they can be described as monsters in my book – and do you now understand the intro?

Other useful resources:

This pack has been created and submitted by INDUSTRYKIDZ under his other alter-ego (or brand name) “Raptor4D”. You can actually get the original and fully editable Cinema 4D models for these static renders over on his Raptor4D website.

One of the great things about this pack is the contrast. The mix of futuristic aliens and robots with prehistoric dinosaur renders. Also adding to the contrast – and a signature style of Industrykidz – the glossy & wrinkled stylised surface texturing of the dinosaurs and Chinese Dragon renders. Things that shouldn't really have a glossy-plastic-y surface but REALLY suit it!

A note on the above featured preview image:

Before some of you ask “Hey, why do the monster / alien renders in the download not look as sharp as the one shown in the main preview image?”

The renders you've got are exactly the same – they're not lower poly or resolution versions. I simply touched up the render by using Photoshop's “sharpen filter” twice, then I added some orange brush strokes set to overlay to highlight the glowing orange areas 🙂

I hope that makes sense, if it doesn't, please just ask in the comments.

File details:

There are 9 renders included in the download. Each individual render is around 1000px by 900px at 72dpi and one is of the Raptor4D logo for you to check out. As usual, this pack is totally uncopyrighted, so do what the heck you want with 'em!

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Free Monster Renders Preview:

Free 3D Monster Render

These energetic 3D monster renders are the perfect way to spice up futuristic, alienesque fan art.

Free 3D Alien Render

I would love to see this monster render used as an alien in a space-age slash horror game fan art.

Free 3D Renders

Do you believe it's a mixed bag now? Check out the free shark, dragon and robot renders included!

Free Dinosaur Renders

As well as the futuristic aliens included, you also get these prehistoric stylised dinosaurs too!


This resource is for email newsletter subscribers only. Please fill out the form below to download this content.
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  1. Aren’t the “pair of super-freakin’ scary alien monster type things” just slightly modified assets from the Gears of War games? They’re the Wretches but with orange paint on them.

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