Free 3D Lettering Renders

Free 3D Lettering Pack by Industrykidz

These free lettering renders are like a bold setting for your type that goes all the way to 11.

Layer styles can only take you so far in Photoshop and whilst Photoshop's 3D features are good, they can't quite match the quality of content modelled and rendered in a fully fledged 3D program like Cinema4D.

The only problem is, modelling and rendering 3D content takes a lot of CPU power and a whole lot of time – so we've done the hard work for you.

I say “We”, but really I mean INDUSTRYKIDZ.

This free set of 3D lettering renders has been created and submitted by INDUSTRYKIDZ, a well known provider of Photoshop resources through his websites and

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Easily drag and drop the individual letters onto your Photoshop canvas and use them to not only make your text stand out, but make it jump off the damn page. Add in some lighting flares and shadows, mix the letters with varying size, reflection and rotation to create unique combinations and seriously exciting designs.

As shown in the “Candy” example below, you can take these letters even further by altering them with the Photoshop transform tools. Play around with the perspective, distortion and skew to further change the look of individual letters and avoid obviously repeating the objects in your work.

File details:
This download includes 34 individual renders, including the alphabet, numbers 0-9 and a few select symbols. Each letter is around 300px by 300px. They're not as large as some of our other 3D renders, however they are large enough to use in web related work and smaller print items. Available free and Uncopyrighted.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with these!

Download Free 3D Lettering Pack

File Preview:

Free 3D Letter Renders

Free 3D Letter Renders – ABC Preview

Free 3D Letter Renders

Free 3D Letter Renders – Symbols Preview

Example use

Candy should be shared – an example of how you can use these free letter renders.


Download Free 3D Lettering Pack

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